Personal Injury

Broken Leg BoneLet’s face it… accidents can and do happen, and by their very nature, they provide no advance notice or forewarning of what’s about to suddenly take place. You may find yourself a victim of your own missteps, but many times the fault is not your own.

Often, it is neglect, carelessness, abuse or even criminal intent by someone else that causes a personal injury.

Being able to pursue a remedy for the wrongful actions (or inactions) of those responsible for harming you is what our legal system allows you to do.

Navigating your way through the courts to get that redress in the form of monetary compensation and medical attention, though, is not something you should attempt on your own. Settlements, if you manage to even get one, are almost always less than adequate to cover the costs of physical care and other damages, let alone pain, suffering, and future income loss.

That’s why it’s smart and makes sense to enlist the aid of an experienced trial attorney who will see that your rights are enforced and your interests are protected.

You get that kind of attention, and so much more, with Personal Injury Attorney Tim Goan and the Goan Advantage.

With an office centrally located in Flagler County’s Palm Coast, you’re not that far away from getting the legal solutions you need to seek compensation for your physical injuries from someone else’s negligence.

If you or a loved one has been injured, call today to schedule an appointment with Attorney Goan.

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